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Great Lakes Airlines pilots seek mediation release

After three years of mediated negotiations, the pilots have asked the National Mediation Board to declare an impasse and release the parties from mediation. Full Story

Who we are

We are the pilots of Great Lakes Airlines, and we are the Local 40 Chapter of the United Transportation Union. Since 2004, we have had an unfair collective bargaining agreement that, among other issues, made us among the lowest paid in the industry.

A pilot can expect to make $14,616 in the first year. Combined with occasionally working for free and inferior sick time accrual, pilots for Great Lakes Airlines have a substandard quality of life compared to the rest of the industry. The pilots have been attempting to negotiate a fair contract for several years. Great Lakes Airlines flight attendants recently achieved a new agreement, but only after 10 years in negotiations.

What we want

We want a labor contract that is fair to both the pilots and Great Lakes Airlines. Great Lakes Airlines receives over $50 million in federal government subsidies due to the Essential Air Service Program (view a list of EAS communities). Meanwhile the pilots are some of the lowest paid of any scheduled passenger air carrier.

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